Monday, February 14, 2011

My Family

         My family has three people my father,my mother and myself.  I don't have any brother or sister.
       My father is 40 years old.  He is very friendly.  He likes play computer games and read some books. I like talk with my father, because i think my father is my best teacher.

       My mother also is 40 years old. she is very kind. she likes read some books and clean roomsMy mother told me, i am very improtant in her life.  I don't think my mother is a beautiful woman, but i always told my mother, you are beautiful woman .

        I am a nice boy. My name is Hao . I am 15 years old. I like play computer games and stay at homestay, because i study English not very well,so i don't like go outside to talk with other people. 
    This is my family,it not very big, but it is very warm. I like my family , i like everyone .

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