Monday, January 17, 2011

About Myself

               My name is Hao ZHANG and I was born in China.  I like China because I think China is very old and very interesting .I am an old boy .I am 15 years old and I am not very nice .I just can say some easy words and so many Chinese words .Maybe I can speak 2 languages now , English and Chinese  .My family just has 3 people,my father, my mother and me.
              I think I am a bad boy ,so I do not have many hobbies  .My hobbies are just staying at home ,playing computer games .My favourite things are playing soccer and playing computer games ,but I don’t play soccer very well  .I also don’t play computer games very well  .My favourite teacher is Ms Cheng because she is a very good teacher  .I think she can help me to be a good student  .My favourite subject is science ,but I know I don’t study science very well  .
            Many people ask me ‘‘Why did you come to Canada? ’’  because my friend , Tom and I come together to Canada  .His English is better than mine so I can study some English together with Tom  .Canada is a very good country  .In Canada we can study English very well ,so I came to Canada  .I like Canada  .