Monday, February 14, 2011

My Family

         My family has three people my father,my mother and myself.  I don't have any brother or sister.
       My father is 40 years old.  He is very friendly.  He likes play computer games and read some books. I like talk with my father, because i think my father is my best teacher.

       My mother also is 40 years old. she is very kind. she likes read some books and clean roomsMy mother told me, i am very improtant in her life.  I don't think my mother is a beautiful woman, but i always told my mother, you are beautiful woman .

        I am a nice boy. My name is Hao . I am 15 years old. I like play computer games and stay at homestay, because i study English not very well,so i don't like go outside to talk with other people. 
    This is my family,it not very big, but it is very warm. I like my family , i like everyone .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hybrid Rice

      Hybrid rice changed all the world, i have three important reasons.                         
         Hybrid rice uses less farmland, because it can grow in the same place many times.  if we use hybrid rice, we don't need to kill many trees, because we do not have to look for new land.  we need a lot of farmland to plant rice, but we also need many trees in the world.  we do not need to use pollutants for hybrid rice, because it is stronger than first rice. The hybrid rice is better than first rice.  If we don't have hybrid rice, maybe many people will die, because they won't have enough rice to eat, hybrid rice has really changed the world.
       At the present time, Yuan Longping the "Father of Hybrid Rice", may be the most famous in research on hybrid rice. He developed a hybrid rice which produces 30% more than ordinary ones, which has been widely used in the rice fields. The hybrid rice by Yuan and his co-researchers has made the earth produce extra rice equivalent to food for 80 million or more people. He also changed the world.