Monday, January 17, 2011

About Myself

               My name is Hao ZHANG and I was born in China.  I like China because I think China is very old and very interesting .I am an old boy .I am 15 years old and I am not very nice .I just can say some easy words and so many Chinese words .Maybe I can speak 2 languages now , English and Chinese  .My family just has 3 people,my father, my mother and me.
              I think I am a bad boy ,so I do not have many hobbies  .My hobbies are just staying at home ,playing computer games .My favourite things are playing soccer and playing computer games ,but I don’t play soccer very well  .I also don’t play computer games very well  .My favourite teacher is Ms Cheng because she is a very good teacher  .I think she can help me to be a good student  .My favourite subject is science ,but I know I don’t study science very well  .
            Many people ask me ‘‘Why did you come to Canada? ’’  because my friend , Tom and I come together to Canada  .His English is better than mine so I can study some English together with Tom  .Canada is a very good country  .In Canada we can study English very well ,so I came to Canada  .I like Canada  .

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  1. Hi Hao, I'm so happy you came to Canada. Your english is very good. I was born here and i live near Vancouver. I'm an old lady of 67 with a husband and 3 kids and 7 grandkids and an old cat named Pavel. I went to China on tours twice, back in the 1990's. I love China very much. I love the history, the scenery, the food and the people, especially the people like your parents.

    May i please give you some advice. Your mom is very beautiful, inside and outside. How could she be otherwise? You came from her body and she nursed you and looked after you and here you are.You are beautiful because of her!

    If you wish she looked like a movie star then you were born to the wrong family.

    Who would you rather have for your mother? Nobody loves you more than your mother.

    Don't ever let her know what you said; please erase it and write that she is beautiful. Tell her you think she is beautiful for it will mean the world to her and eventually you'll know it's true and you will be very happy that you made her happy by saying it and believing it.

    I hope you are not offended by me saying this. I know you are a nice boy and you will get nicer and nicer!